One of the first products we created almost 15 years ago, was an intuition jar made of various herbs & roots, oils and artifacts, customized to the needs of the customer. Herb & Roots work has always been at the heart of Boutique Charme & Sortilège. Although this service is still available in our shop, we now offer it online too!

Have you always dreamed of making a personal Mojo Bag or a Juju Talisman Pouch to wear  or put under your pillow? Would you like a Witch Jar to work on Love, Health, Prosperity … or selling your Condo?

Price starts at 25 $ and + according to the request. Customized products are created by experienced practitioners according to the principles of Hermetic Magic, Shamanism, Druidism or Hoodoo, in synergy with Medicinal Herbalism. All our products are loaded and + Dedicated +.

Do you have specific needs for bulk purchases to supply your 3 Covens? We can help with that as well!

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THIS SERVICE IS A ” In-House Product” !

The product line Charme & Sortilege [C&S] is based on natural components, all the products we offer have been created by a team of experienced practitioners, according to the rules of Art, with real and sincere intents and by imposing concrete lores of magic. They are dedicated, lustrated, invested, consecrated, sanctified, energized and prepared according to methods of High Hermetic Magic mostly, with some additions with Druidic, Shamanic and Alchemical inputs for some. Near 600 items are now available from our online catalog of home-produced : they are quality products made BY and FOR true Practitioners.


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