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Charme & Sortilège offers various celebrations and ceremonies to markand celebrate the Esbats and Sabbaths in a communal and cordial way.

Public Rituals

DEA LUNA (Full Moon Ritual)

For millennia, the Moon has fascinated and captivated Mystics and Practitioners of all traditions. She is considered to be a Star of a magical and incomparable sacred power. In Old Traditions, the 13 annual Lunations (also called “Esbats”) were marked and celebrated as being privileged times to contact the subtle and magical energies.

During the celebrations of the Full Moon, we invite you to share a traditional celebration and live with us a unique and intimate time that will allow you to resonate with the Moon’s energy and draw from it a source of inspiration and revelation for your magical work. The techniques and the following arts will be the key tools to guide you and raise you to this Star, associated with the Triple-Goddess who illuminates our nights: songs, offerings, invocations, meditations, rituals.

Officiated by a Priestess, the DEA LUNA  take place in the shop’s Temple.

7:00 PM to 8:00 PM, cost: $12.
The next dates of the DEA LUNA evenings will be:


  – January 29 from 19 to 20h

– February 26

– April 2

– May 28

– June 25


In French Only. Book early as places are limited.


Eight special moments are celebrated during the Pagan Wheel of the Year; these festivals mark the passage of the solstices and equinoxes (change of season) and are called “Sabbaths.” These celebrations are based on pre-Christian Celtic and Germanic festivals. The wheel of the year and its celebrations are inspired by the rhythm of nature cycles.

The celebrations are held in the Egyptian Temple of the Boutique and last all day: a special altar is set up resonating with each Sabbath. Throughout the day, you are invited to visit the Temple to gather, meditate, give offerings, or perform the small personal ritual that we provide. At the end of the day, your intentions of prayers and requests will be blessed by Marie Renée and “sent to the Universe” ritually to be received by the Divine.

Cost: FREE

Here are the dates of the “Sabbath Altars” to come:

Imbolc  : Friday, February 2  (walk-in between 11:30hres @ 20hres)
Ostara : Tuesday, March 20 (walk-in between 11:30hres @ 17hres)
Beltane :  Tuesday, May 1  (walk-in between 11:30hres @ 17hres)
Litha : Thursday, June 21 (walk-in between 11:30hres @ 20hres)
Lammas/Lughnasadh : Wednesaday, August 1 (walk-in between 11:30hres @ 17hres)

Come enjoy a unique opportunity to discover the pleasure and power of celebrating the Sabbaths within Montreal’s community. These powerful days can make way for magical moments and can often result in true rites of passage. These are modern celebrations inspired from pagan traditions to mark a transitional moment in the cycle of the solar energy and nature, and allow us to better receive, understand and harmonize ourselves with our own transformation and healing cycles.

A Great way to tap into the Egregorian Energy of the Community… and a spiritual way to celebrate Life and it’s cycles!

French & English available