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Meet Charme & Sortilege’s Team!

Marie Renée
Marie RenéeCo-Owner and Founder
Actress and author, Marie Renée is a practitioner for more than 40 years in various Hermetic Traditions and Druidism. Ban Drui (Druidess), Theurgist and High Priestess, she officiates the ceremonies of Marriage (Handfasting), Birth (7 godmothers) as well as Rites of Passage in private or public rituals.

She is the Artistic Director of Marketing and Production (products, Branding and Web site) and remains the Keeper (…and sometimes the Cerberus!) of the Spiritual Mission of Charme & Sortilege. She teaches the intermediate and advanced courses in the regular season of workshops and offers as well private consultations, by appointment.

Pascal is the Director of Operations who runs the daily life of the shop with efficiency and flair. As a partner, he joins the team with his baggage as practitioner but also as an educated administrator: Director of the Orders department, he is a Master in all aspects of customer service, products and supply management.

His path led him to various Traditions explorations : as an eclectic and open minded practitioner, his practice is totally integrated in his daily tasks. He is currently working to create administrative tools to better serve the needs of a growing clientele. He is actually, the man behind the Reward Practitioner+ Program designed to give back to the community!

Many of you know our new partner under the name “Mr. Michel”. Indeed, Michel has been consultant in Tarot for over 10 years at Charme & Sortilège. He now joins us as a partner, while continuing to offer Consultations at the shop.

His practice is eclectic and his journey is based on openness, sincerity and universal love. His approach is discreet and full of compassion: he is always ready to put his hand to the dough to help and support. His contribution is valuable as a partner: he believes more than ever in the Spiritual Mission of Charme & Sortilège.

We really have the feeling he found his place! 🙂

The “Heart” of Charme & Sortilege

KimAssistant Manager
In addition to being our «floor spokesperson», Kim is also an Officiant, the Esbats’ Priestess (Dea Luna), a teacher and a contributor to the Sabbaths Committee. Seasoned Practitioner, she continues her explorations of various Traditions and Spheres of Magic.

The Wiccan Tradition is her specialty but she is well versed in general Magickal Practices.

Marie Claude Héroux
Marie Claude HérouxWorkshop's Dean
Marie Claude is our Workshop’s Dean as well as the High Priestess for many of the Sabbaths celebrated in public rituals. She is bringing to the team her vast experience as Teacher and Educationalist.

She is in charge of the planning for the three annual sessions of C&S’s workshops.

KindraCustomers Service
In Store Customer Service, Kindra describes herself as a “Traditional Modern Witch” whose main background is oriented towards Traditional Witchcraft.

Very influenced by the principles of classical Wicca, Kindra is a seasoned practitioner, specialised in Occultism and in the study of the Paranormal.

Joseph Smithwick
Joseph SmithwickManager of Web resources
For 14 years now, Joseph has been our system manager, and our “house tech-wizz”! He’s in charge of all IT systems.
Raphaël Deguire
Raphaël DeguireProducts Service
Recent addition to the Team, Raphael (Marie Renée’s grand-son) is a Helping Hand and Apprentice for the Sabbaths Committee.
YannickProducts Service
In addition to the preparation and packaging of several home products, Yannick is a Lecturer and member of the Sabbath Committee.


Suzanne Morel
Suzanne MorelProducts Service, Helping Hand & Sabbaths Committee.
MoniqueProducts Service & Helping Hand
Mélanie Godon
Mélanie GodonHandCrafted specialty products
Pierre Foisy
Pierre FoisyHandcrafter for specialized Products & Ars Oculus Artist
Jane Tremblay
Jane TremblayConsultant and translation
Carole St-Jules
Carole St-JulesSabbaths Committee
Martial Grisé
Martial GriséHandCrafted products
Geneviève Comtois
Geneviève ComtoisHandCrafted products
Catherine Lamarre
Catherine LamarreTeacher
Elisabeth Fallen
Elisabeth FallenCourses and Consultant
Martin Carrier
Martin CarrierProducts


Dominic Desmeules
Dominic DesmeulesCo-founder
Dominic was the partner at the time of the foundation and his contribution was paramount in the original Mission of the Boutique. His generous involvement has greatly contributed to the deep foundations of what Charme & Sortilège has become over the years. He left to take over his role as a full-time father … and continue his acting career!
Laïla, Charme & Sortilege’s sweet Bastet since the beginning, lived for 14 years at the Boutique. At the time of the major renovations (March to June 2017), we decided to offer her a golden retirement to avoid the stress and discomfort of the chaos. She now lives with Kim where she continues to represent the compassion and hospitality of the staff associated with the Mission of Charme & Sortilège. Thank you beautiful Laila for the years you shared with us all!
Sylvain Chevarie
Sylvain ChevarieGuardian and eminent collaborator.
Sylvain assumed the responsibility of Senior Manager of the Boutique during a period of important commercial transition and his role was decisive for the continuation and survival of the Shop. Guardian at heart, he managed to stay the course for several years. Returned to school; he remains a friend of Charme & Sortilège.