Himalayan Salt is a powerful purifier, used to protect and banish. Used in the bath or as part of your magickal work, Himalayan salt naturally extracted, and having no pollution of any kind, is made of minerals and trace elements. Thanks to its properties, it allows your body to relax, eliminate toxins and remineralize.

In addition to being energy-purifying, it contains negative ions that stabilize the electro-magnetism of a place. 190 grams, in a cotton pouch (7 ounces)


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The product line Charme & Sortilege [C&S] is based on natural components, all the products we offer have been created by a team of experienced practitioners, according to the rules of Art, with real and sincere intents and by imposing concrete lores of magic. They are dedicated, lustrated, invested, consecrated, sanctified, energized and prepared according to methods of High Hermetic Magic mostly, with some additions with Druidic, Shamanic and Alchemical inputs for some. Near 600 items are now available from our online catalog of home-produced : they are quality products made BY and FOR true Practitioners.

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Weight 7 oz
Dimensions 5 × 3 × 2 in


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