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Charme & Sortilège : our Mission

When Charme & Sortilège [C&S] was born over 15 years ago, we quickly found that the commercial products available to practitioners of White Magic were of very poor quality. After multiple dowsing tests, we established that the majority of these products did not undergo any manipulation of energy and had not received any charge; they were all just ordinary items, often sloppy, and adorned with esoteric names designed for quick resale to customers more superstitious than “connaisseur” with knowledge and needs.
We started from the first year to create the product line Charme & Sortilege [C&S] ; based on natural components, all the products we offer have been created by a team of experienced practitioners, according to the rules of Art, with real and sincere intents, and by imposing concrete lores of magic. They are dedicated, lustrated, invested, consecrated, sanctified, energized and prepared according to methods of High Hermetic Magic mostly, with some additions with Druidic, Shamanic, and Alchemical inputs for some. Near 500 items are now available from our online catalog of home-produced products; their reputation is well established and we are proud not only to offer them, but also to empower you about their uses and ritual application..
The product line Charme & Sortilège [C&S] was born from the desire to share knowledge and interests with other practitioners of all traditions and religions by oppening White Magic and Traditional Wisdom, making them accessible to anyone inspired to explore the wonderful resources one has inside and around. And this, with quality products, potent and efficient that were the subject of careful preparation and meaningful manipulation.

– Charme & Sortilège Crew

Charme & Sortilege : checklist!

  • Storefront on “Plateau Mont Royal” for 14 years
  • More then 600 quality In-House Products

  • Specialized Magick school : more then 100 workshops each year!

  • Public and Private Rituals in our own little Egyptian Temple

  • A Sanctuary designed as a Freemason”Chamber of Reflection”

  • Experienced staff with over 100 years of practice in total

  • Five Consultants in Tarot, Voyance, Palmistry and +

  • Shipping and delivery, everywhere in the world
  • Satisfied Customers in more than 44 Countries!

  • Online Shop, to bring the Magick home!
  • Facebook’s community of over 7000 people

  • A real and sincere interest for your needs
  • Open seven days a week, to serve you better

  • Spot-on counsels, in shop or by mail
  • Reasonable prices and excellent quality value!
  • Two dedicated sites for retail and wholesale clients ( see wholesale)

  • Quality products from natural and sustainable resources

  • Public Rituals to celebrate Sabbats & Esbats

  • A seasoned and dedicated Team at YOUR service!

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“… Wherever you look, look for the mystery. And whenever you find there is a mystery, meditate on it! “

– Osho

We invite you, one Sunday a month (at 10 am 45 AM), to come to share an hour of meditation with us. Our meditations are an invitation to contemplation, introspection and enchantment that opens the door to inner magickal powers. Soothe yourself and let yourself be guided in this inner journey by enjoying the unique atmosphere of the Egyptian temple of the Boutique.

Come to discover a different theme at each meeting, which will be presented according to different methods. A blend of special incenses will be prepared in correspondence with the theme of the day in order to better penetrate its mystery.

Check the schedule here : EVENT CALENDAR

The cost is $ 5 (please provide a credit card at time of booking at (514) 844-8139) .

Please note that meditation Guidance is provided in French only. Hope to see you there!

Celebrations & Public Rituals

Charme & Sortilège offers various celebrations and ceremonies to markand celebrate the Esbats and Sabbaths in a communal and cordial way.

Come enjoy a unique opportunity to discover the pleasure and power of celebrating the Full Moons and the 8 Major Events of the Wheel of the Pagan Year!  These powerful days can make way for magical moments and can often result in true rites of passage. These are modern celebrations inspired from pagan traditions to mark a transitional moment in the cycle of the solar energy and nature, and allow us to better receive, understand and harmonize ourselves with our own transformation and healing cycles.

Sabbaths Events are always provided with Bilingual material.

Check the schedule here : EVENT CALENDAR

15 years under the same roof!


” A truly special community and business. They put a lot of passion into their products and workshops. If you are ever in the area and have a chance to stop by, do yourself a favor and set aside at least an hour to browse around at least. Even if you are not a practitioner, they make the best natural incense sticks, and you should easily be able to grab a few packs for yourself or for friends. If you are new and want to learn, they offer workshops, have a good selection of books, and are happy to answer questions. If you cannot stop in, check our their web store. Highly recommended. “

Joseph S., - from USA, Google review

” They’ve got so much stuff and they have such PASSION for their store. They will happily answer your questions with passion and detail and are extremely helpful. The prices are reasonable – especially the crystals, I’ve bought at least 25 from them. If anything, just go to the store. See the store. Be in the store and bask in its glory. You won’t regret going. “

Sarah S., - from Manhattan USA, 5 Stars on YELP

  » It was a little hard to find because its tucked away on a small street.Its a lovely little shop filled with premade and assorted goodies.I pretty much got everything I wanted.The sales lady was pleasant and helpful.I left there very calm and chilled due to the frankinsense they was burning in which I happily bought some and am burning now.Will be returning. »

Dallison D., - from Redmond USA, YELP Review

” Just love this place, their incense are incredible, it took me a while to find a place like this. Now that I found it I am keeping it, I visit it monthly now “

Ariane Chioccarello, - 5 Stars comment on Google

” Always a great and magical place to be. Everyone is charming. The products are of great quality. Can’t wait to go again.”

Annie Doire, - 5 stars on Facebook

» My all-time favorite magical/wiccan shop in Montreal.

The owners have been practicing magic for years and it shows. They always answer your questions respectfully and help you out in your path. No question is too stupid, I’m sure they’ve heard it all! They also have their own brand of products and create most of them. Which always adds that little « oomph » I’m looking for.They have workshops, mostly in french, but all very worth it with experienced teachers! I learned -so- much from them through the years.

Couldn’t recommend them enough. »

Fannie G., - de Montréal, YELP Review

” Coming into Charme & Sortilège is like stepping into another world. It just gives off such an amazing ambience and has such a wide variety of products! Bought this beautiful leather backed book with a tigers eye stone on it and books happened to be 20% off that day! Always a pleasure coming here, whenever I’m in town visiting my family we all stop by! “

Emma, - 5 Stars Review on Google

“Just love everything, the place, the vibes, the products Hmm still it is so far from home, so thanks for selling in libraries – and thanks for the pretty fb page full of tips

Terra Bois d'Or, - 5 Stars Facebook

” Wonderful little store – awesome that they make everything in house. The lady who helped us was incredibly kind. Will come back every time I’m in Montreal.”

T. Blake, - from Ontario, Comment on Facebook


Louise B., - Mon AVIS review

” Amazing and polite service that’s bilingual. Had everything I was looking for and more! “

Arahael Huot, - Confirmed Customer

” The candles are beautiful and cheaper than a lot of other places; if you ever wanted a book on healing plants or how to read tarot; or a beautiful collection of tarot cards or runes or incense, well this is your spot. The staff are warm and funny and kind. The room is cosy and tucked away on a quiet residential street. Excellent for gift giving for the witchy souls in your life, or in yourself! “

Risa D., - 5 Stars Review on YELP

Amazing experience, super friendly staff, their incense is AMAZING. All of the products they carry are great (some even made by the store themselves), and the staff is very helpful and knowledgeable. 10/10 would go there again (actually going tomorrow)

Laura White, - 5 Stars Review on GOOGLE

” My favorite shop in the city! It’s always a delight when I have to stock up on herbs, candles or anything else that gives me an excuse to drop by. The staff is always so welcoming, friendly and knowledgeable. I love the public rituals and was absolutely floored by the palm reading I had and loved that I could record it so I could go back over it! Keep up the amazing work “

Michelle Beauséjour, - 5 Stars Review on Facebook

You might not stumble across this place unless you know where you’re going. A bit off the beaten path. Though once there, you’re up for a treat! The best metaphysical store that I have found, with top quality homemade products and the very best prices. Please don’t pass this by, this store is a little gem!

Claire Witchweaver, - 5 Stars Review on GOOGLE