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Witch’s Wheel of the Year – Rituals for Circles, Solitaries & Covens


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**Make Your Sabbats Joyful, Powerful, and Deeply Spiritual with 24 New, Customizable Rituals** Designed to perfectly fit your needs—whether you’re a solitary practitioner or part of a group—this marvelous book will enhance your sabbat celebrations in many fun and meaningful ways. Jason Mankey provides three all-new rituals for every sabbat—one for solitaries, one for covens, and one for large gatherings. Each ritual is flexible enough for you to pick and choose the components that best suit your intentions. Explore the history and traditions of all eight sabbats and learn why and how rituals became such an important part of Witchcraft. Discover the ins and outs of ritual practice as well as guidance on planning, decorating, presenting, and adapting. *Witch’s Wheel of the Year* is incredibly versatile for all Witches looking to enhance their craft and their connection to the sacred sabbats. **

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ISBN: 9780738760919
À partir de: Jason Mankey
Langue: Anglais

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