The Real Witches’ Handbook


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A down-to-earth introduction to Witchcraft that gives plenty of practical advice on becoming a wiccan. Whether you want to join a group or work as a Solitary this is an invaluable guide to the wiccan lifestyle. The chapters will include:
• Myth and Reality – what being a witch is all about, how it compares with the Hollywood image
• What Witchcraft is – the beliefs and practices
• Moon worship, the elements, Gods and Goddesses, the cycles of death and rebirth
• The Sabbats and the Wheel of the Year
• Becoming a Witch – what does it involve?
• Magic – how it works and the responsibilites involved. How to avoid potential danger
• Spellcraft – how to help you pass exams, attract partners, improve family relationships
• Herbal work – herbs for skin, hair, scents, traditional recipes
• How to tell your family and how to make contact with groups and other teenage Wiccans **

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