The Outer Temple of Witchcraft – Circles, Spells, and Rituals


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Stone circles, temples, churches, and other sacred sites have long served as bridges betwen humans and their gods, places imbued with centuries of magick and mystery. Today, modern witches create their own temples in bedrooms and backyards, on beaches and in forests around the world. The Outer Temple of Witchcraft provides a strong foundation for any student of the craft. This intensive year-and-a-day self-study course is equivlanet to the second degree, culminating with an initiation ritual as priest/ess. Rituals, visualizations, attunements, and other hands-on activities help you explore the many facets of witchcraft, including: honoring divinity, spellcraft, creating elemental gateways, casting magick circles, finding and empowering tools, herb and stone craft, magickal correspondences, divination, and lunar and astrological timing. By experiencing and understanding the elements of ritual and spell work, you build a strong foundation for your own magickal temple.

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À partir de: Christopher Penczak
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