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The Living Temple of Witchcraft: Volume 2


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In the sixth installment of the award-winning Temple of Witchcraft series, popular author Christopher Penczak explores the quest of the God. In this volume, the twelve signs of the zodiac represent the God’s symbolic journey through the sky. Each archetypal astrological force offers readers unique insight into the mysteries and the role of a high priest or high priestess. This manual of practical exercise, witchcraft theology, and ministerial advice also explores witchcraft and the modern world, discussing how contemporary issues can be approached from the perspective of witchcraft spirituality. * A magickal education through the zodiac signs * Learning tools for pagan ministers * Earth stewardship and working with ley lines * Ancestor work * Trance work through dance and plant substances * Mediumship within witchcraft * Communing with your own personal twelvefold pantheon
The lessons in this advanced magickal book culminate in a powerful self-initiation ritual that combines the lessons of the Goddess’s descent and the God’s journey, to bring awareness, understanding, and personal power. **

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ISBN: 9780738714783
À partir de: Christopher Penczak
Langue: Anglais

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